‘Guine In A Bottle

Drying out fresh spinach pasta noodles

I made some spinach pasta from scratch awhile ago, and since my brother and his girlfriend were heading down this weekend, I took the opportunity to thaw the dough out and make them some lovely linguine pasta.

Linguine in a bottle

It should be good and tasty for them, and I made enough for two people to enjoy two meals in total. I still trying to work out how to keep the pasta noodles from arcing as they dry, but I think I might be onto something by placing my good heavy cookie sheets over them for a few hours before letting them completely air dry flat as pancakes.

Will have to try this method again a few times in order to refine the best home based method.

One thought on “‘Guine In A Bottle

  1. Goddess

    Aww, this reminds me of my grandma. She used to make noodles, and she’d have the entire kitchen table covered in them, allowing them to dry:).


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