Deep Fried Ice Cream

Deep Fried Ice Cream by Pastarella Maker
Deep Fried Ice Cream, a photo by Pastarella Maker on Flickr.

Deep fried French Vanilla ice cream, served with a bit of Nutella for good measure.

Now THIS is what you serve for dessert on your anniversary if you intend to stay happily married for another year, kids. 😀

[Recipe via] Addendum: I used smashed up kamut cereal for the coating because I don’t like or eat Corn Flakes. I’m sort of a snob like that. Heh.

4 thoughts on “Deep Fried Ice Cream

  1. RebeccaJ

    That amazes me because you would think even frozen solid that ice cream would melt in a heartbeat. I guess all that outer coating keeps it from doing that, but still twenty seconds in hot oil is a long time for something like that…

  2. Stacey Post author

    Oddly, the coating doesn’t protect the ice cream as much as the core temperature it sits at as comes out of the freezer at and working really fast with it. Even after letting it rest a minute after bringing it out of the hot oil and before serving, the coating was the only thing that cooled down, not the ice cream. The ice cream was only melted enough to get my spoon through the coating and what was immediately behind it. About 90% of it was still frozen solid as I was eating it. Amazing. I love science!


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