What’s cookin’, Pastarella? (part 2)

Slow cooker pot roast with au jus, plated with delicious oven roasted vegetables.

Cinnamon raisin Texas toast dipped in thinned out pancake batter French Toast.

4 thoughts on “What’s cookin’, Pastarella? (part 2)

  1. Goddess

    How do you make cinnamon raisin Texas toast? That looks delicious. Oh and give me a minute and I could clean that entire cupcake tray up for ya:)

  2. Stacey Post author

    Joe loves to buy cinnamon raisin Texas toast from our local grocery store. I take a few slices and dip them in thinned out premixed Aunt Jemima pancake batter and drop them on a heated griddle plate to cook each sides for a few mintues before serving with warmed up syrup, butter and chocolate whipped cream from a can.

  3. Stacey Post author

    I happen to use orange juiice we have on hand to moisten the batter as I mix it and then add a bit more till I get a thinned out consistency before I start dipping the bread in.


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