Dried Cranberry Bulgur Salad

Nicky over at Delicious Days blogged about a delicious dried cranberry bulgur salad she developed after she ate a similar salad at a dinner party a short time ago.

(You know I’m gunning to get you all eating bulgur, right??) You have to try this one if you try any at all… you know, just to see if you might like bulgur at all. This recipe will sell you on bulgur. Seriously, it’s that good.

Look at the photo of her salad and tell me that doesn’t look tasty. Go ahead. I dare you!!

Dried Cranberry Bulgar Salad by Nicky @ Delicious Days

4 thoughts on “Dried Cranberry Bulgur Salad

  1. Stacey

    Oh, you two have no idea how yummy this is. It’s really too bad there are so many with wheat allergies or intolerances in the world. Given how many food intolerances I have, I thank the lucky stars that wheat isn’t one of them.


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