Pasta dishes I want to test

Pull up a fork and share!

Pull up a fork and share!

There so many lovely pasta meals I come across online all week, and I often bookmark them so I can try each of them at home. I’m tardy in sharing these links with all of you. Sorry. I will try better in the future.

Want to make this gorgeous Baked Cherry Tomato Pasta dish at some point this week coming. Aren’t her photos mouth watering? Yum! This dish is right up my alley. I love baby tomatoes. Even moreso when they’re roasted in the oven. Something about that process makes their natural flavours pop when they hit the cooked pasta and its sauce. Topped with cheese, too? Please. I’m a gonner.

The next dish I’m drooling over this week is Lemon Basil Lasagna Rolls. We love lasagna. I never make it enough. I know it, and more importantly my husband knows it. Thankfully he doesn’t take every opportunity to remind me of this fact. What? He does? You’re kidding! OK, I will resolve to rectify that. Very soon. I promise, honey. {smooches}

This last one comes to us from the fantastic staff over at Bitchin’ Kitchen. I believe it was AP who tweeting this from her tumblr feed. Bacon Spinach Pasta Cheese Bakes, in individual portion pots. How lovely and adorable is that? Bet this dish is satisfying to the last bite. It looks like it would be. I’m very excited to find out for myself. Bring it!

How about the rest of you? What pasta dishes do you want to cook this week? Pull up a fork and share.

2 thoughts on “Pasta dishes I want to test

  1. Natalie

    Anything low carb (I know this is pasta… But my boyfriend and I are doing low carb and he LOVES pasta.) I’m using miracle noodles currently, but anything amazing you can find and make, well… I’d love to see it!


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