Whole Wheat Linguine

From time to time, I like to change things up and make different flavours of pasta. In this particular case, I made a batch of whole wheat pasta noodles for someone as a gift. She loved them.

Whole Wheat Linugine Noodles

Whole Wheat Linugine Noodles

(From the archives)

Not sure if you can tell by the picture, but the noodles are thick, but not too thick, so they will cook in a 7-9 minute time frame. Commercially made linguine noodles are thicker and made with stabilizers so they don’t break while in transit to the stores and home, or when they’re handled from box to pot.

I don’t use any stabilizers like that so these noodles, although thick enough for cooking and meaty sauces, are still fragile. I love making pastas but it makes me cry when the flat noodles break before they hit the pot. It’s as though all of my love and care were for naught when one cracks in half.

I’m sensitive that way. Like a pasta artist. 😉

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