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I like to make a cooking list and plan out at least three days worth of meals all over it. Sometimes I stick to that plan, most times I don’t because stuff comes up, or we were run ragged at work so we eat out, or we come home and decide something else is order for that night. (Usually dictated by aging food in our fridge. FACT.)

Two weeks ago, I promised DH that I’d make his favourite pasta dish, mac & cheese on the stove top for him, and I even scheduled it, but it never got made that week. I rolled it over to this week, and here we are at the end the week and he said to me, “Remember your cooking schedule, how it had a certain pasta dish on it you promised to make… for me?” A-yup. So, feeling like a heel, I came home and made it tonight for my patient and pasta loving husband. 🙂

Tonight’s dinner was crazy. We came home late from work and running a few errands, it was hot outside and then I started to cook over the stove and I started to overheat, and the food was served piping hot and, well… now we’re hiding in the meat locker we call our basement chilling our core body temperatures after eating dinner.

Tonight’s dinner was also amazing. I was so busy making the dish, I really didn’t have time to think about how the dish would taste. As a result, I didn’t season any of it. I forgot. Whoops! But, as it happens, I used enough ingredients that all of the seasons I would need minus a few cracks of fresh pepper. I amaze myself sometimes. Ha.

And this, my friends, is my husband’s favourite: Smack & Cheese. I call it that in jest, but when you get this dish just right, you can’t stop eating it and you then find yourself in a fantastically horrible addiction situation at the dinner table. Believe me. LOL

Very basic ingredients were used, starting with the bacon, pasta, onions in butter to start the roux, diced red peppers (to use them up), milk, and grated cheddar cheese. Half the bacon went into the creamy roux sauce when the red peppers did as the milk was thickening, and it was all blended with the cheese in a bowl off the heat before serving. That’s it! No magic involved, but it tasted like there was.

The main thrust of this dish is the bechemel sauce with cheddar cheese added at the very end over pasta. That’s it. Very simple, but very tasty when all is said and done.

Note: Let’s talk salt! I don’t use much in the way of seasoning for this dish. I let all of the salt that is already present in the cheese, butter and pasta do all the work while leaving freshly cracked pepper to those who want to add it at the table. I also use fresh herbs to give this dish a bit of al fresco. It’s lovely. Try it.

Makes 4.

1. 2C rotini or any other similar shaped pasta like penne, etc. cooked in very salted boiling water.

2. 3 strips of bacon, cut into manageable chunks. Chop coarsely after it cooks and cools off into two piles.

3. Cook down 1/2C of diced white onions in 2 tbsps salted butter in a saucepan about five minutes. Add to that 2 tbsp of flour and stir in well till the butter and onions clump up and the colour starts to turn brown somewhat. At that point, add one pile of bacon bits and 1/2 of diced red or green peppers (or both) along with 1 1/2C of milk. Continue to stir so the milk doesn’t get scalded.

4. Scoop the pasta out of the water when about 1 minute away from the al dente stage and place in a bowl on top of cutting board or drain out the pasta water and leave the rotini in the same pot but off the stove (use the cutting board).

5.Grate your cheese over a flexible material that will aid in moving it from the counter to the bowl. I use wax paper. Works like a charm.

6. As the milk thickens from the flour roux, and it coats the back of your spoon or spatula, pour it into the bowl over top of the waiting pasta noodles.

7. Dump the cheese in over the pasta and bechemel sauce, and stir hard till the cheddar is fully melted and the pasta is fully coated in a lovely amber cheese sauce colour.

8. Plate your pasta into serving dishes and top with the second pile of bacon bits and some freshly washed and chopped herb of your choice. I love fresh basil or cilantro over my pasta, but go nuts. DH loves to add a few cracks of pepper over his pasta as well.

The beauty of this dish is its versatility. Also its quick ease in which it came be made after a hectic day.


2 thoughts on “Smack & Cheese

  1. RebeccaJ

    I thought that looked like Mac & Cheese but I couldn’t identify the other ingredients. Gawd, bacon! My husband would LOVE this dish!

  2. Stacey Post author

    I filled this post out a bit more with the rough steps I use every time I make it. Hope that helps you all. I try to give guidance but not strict rules where I can. But, when it’s important to some step a certain way, I will always tell you why. I promise.


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