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Fresh Carrot Pasta

Homemade fresh carrot pasta. There’s nothing like it. Do you see the lovely chunks of the vegetable embedded in each silk linguini ribbon? Gorgeous. I love this pasta. And it’s super simple to make to boot!

2C All purpose flour
2 large eggs
1C cooked carrot puree
Pinch of salt

Mix all four ingredients into your food processor or KitchenAid using your whisk attachment till all the ingredients are incorporated. Switch to your hook attachment and process the dough till it forms a ball that cleans off the wall and bottom of the food processor cup or mixer bowl.

Transfer the ball to a lightly floured workbench or countertop and knead for 5 to 10 minutes till the ball isn’t tacky in your hands as you push the palms of your hands down into it anymore and when a finger pushed down into the ball springs back up.

Wrap with plastic wrap and set it aside to rest for 30 minutes on the counter, or for longer in the fridge. When you’re ready to roll out the dough to make your pasta, once again lightly dust the countertop with flour and cut the dough ball up into eight even chunks. Work with one or two chunks at a time, keeping the rest of the dough covered in the plastic wrap.

Use a rolling pin to flatten out your dough balls into either strips or a large square where you can use a knife or pasta cutter or a bench scraper to cut your pasta out. Place the finished cut pasta shapes onto a clean terry cloth towel to air dry. When one side of the noodles are dry, flip them over and let the second side air dry before storing away in a cool, dark place for up to three weeks, or drop the still moist fresh pasta into a boiling, salted pot of water to cook immediately.


Luscious Linguini Alfredo

Delicate, lovely, tasty, salty homemade pasta in Alfredo sauce. Nothing beats it!

Noodles: 3/4C all-purpose flour, 1 large egg, and 1 tsp salt.

Alfredo Sauce: 2 tbsp butter + 1/2 minced garlic, 1 1/2C 35% cream, S&P to taste, 1/4 + 1/4C grated parm cheese, pinch of dried thyme, oregano and basil, and 1/2C starch water from the cooked pasta.

Homemade Raviolo

Like little birds nests, one egg yolk rests inside a nest of spinach, ricotta cheese, bacon, mozzarella cheese and salt, wrapped up in fresh homemade pasta sheets and gently placed in rolling water to cook for 2 minutes (for soft, runny centres).

Simple, tasty and somewhat fast once you have the pasta and nest filling made. Make a great appetizer or interesting breakfast choice. I would recommend this recipe.




I used the leftover pasta dough I had from the homemade tortelloni I made the other day. It works nicely for this recipe as well.

Remember to send the sheets through the roller at their thinnest setting for at least three to five passes to make it as thin as possible. It won’t tear — trust me on this — but it will make for a great al dente pasta when doubled up and cooked for the right amount of time.

Homemade Tortelloni

Marcella Hazan’s brilliantly easy to make homemade tortelloni.  This delicious recipe can be found in her “Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking” cookbook.

  • Yellow pasta dough
  • Filling
  • Pasta sauce
  • pastasheet.jpg

    The Recipe: This recipe states it makes enough for six servings, and sometimes recipe yields are wildly off; this one isn’t. I cut the dough in half, wrapped up one lobe and froze it while processing with the second lobe for dinner. It yielded two full servings plus enough for a single serving for my lunch today. Next time I will know to cut the dough into thirds and freeze two lobes for future dinners for two, or I will take a whole day to use up the full batch and freeze what we don’t cook that night.

    The Dough: Awesomely simple dough that comes out silky smooth when put through my KitchenAid pasta roller attached to my mixer, a.k.a The Mixinator. I love making pasta! The only issue I had making this batch was it was drier than it should have been, but that could be because I should have used four XL instead of four large eggs, or even five large instead of four large eggs, to sufficiently moisten the flour to get it ball up. I ended up deciding to add 3 tablespoons of water (one at a time) to make up the difference.

    The Filling: The Swiss chard at the grocery store looked like doo, so I used clean, ready-to-cook bagged spinach instead. I also substituted prosciutto with breakfast chicken strips because we don’t normally shop at an Italian grocery store. No matter, the filling was just as tasty and balanced as if I had used the intended ingredients.

    The Tools: I already mentioned using my KitchenAid “The Mixinator” mixer, and the Kitchenaid pasta roller from my pasta roller kit to make the long pasta sheets, but I didn’t mention the other tools I used to stuff the totelloni. I used my lovely little mini ice cream/cookie dough scooper to dump about 2/3 of a scoop out onto the long pasta strips, leaving about 1.5″ gutters between each blob, running the full length. I positioned each filling blob right below an imaginary middle line along the sheet so that when I folded it over, I would have a bottom edge to press together after I added a dab of water to the pasta sheet. I then used my fingers to press the air out and the pasta sheets together all around each blob, as though I were tucking a blankie around a child. The final tool I used was my seldom needed pizza cutter. I ran it along the bottom and side edges to square them up neatly before cutting smack dab in the middle of each gutter between the tortelloni squares. Worked like a charm.

    The Cooking: I laid out each assembled and cut tortelloni square on a clean towel to rest before I cooked each batch in a pot of boiling, salted water. The squares drop to the bottom when they are raw and rise to the top when they are cooked. This happened in a matter of 2-4 minutes. I scooped them out using a slotted Chinese wire wok spoon, placed them in a bowl and covered them with the pasta sauce and freshly grated cheese.

    The Sauce: I was running late with dinner last night, and by this point tired of being in the kitchen, so I cheated by heating up some bottled pasta sauce I had to use up anyway. I will try Marcella’s accompanying pasta sauce from scratch the next time I make this tortelloni. And there will be a next time; most definitely! I made so many that I have extra to cook here at work today for lunch in a lovely clear chicken broth. I can’t wait for lunch time to roll around. Hee.

    All in all, I can’t find even one remotely negative thing to say about this recipe for tortelloni. It was super easy, about as time consuming as I thought it should be and tasted just as great even with ingredient swapouts. I don’t think you can go wrong with this recipe, kids. I give it a full 10/10 and a big “TRY THIS RECIPE!!”

    Weekend Pleasures

    Had some time yesterday to finally (finally!) crack open my new KitchenAid pasta attachments. They rock, people. Simply rock. I am in love. With attachments. The kind that plugs into my Mixinator. Lovelovelove. *swooning*

    First up, whole wheat spinach pasta. The dough was a mix of two recipes I smashed together. Feeding the dough through the rollers was fun, but not as much fun as feeding it through the cutters. I loved that part the most aside from how easy the roller and cutters are to use. Brilliantly simple. Like, simple enough for this simpleton to work ’em. And if I can work ’em, people, YOU will be able to work them in your sleep. Trust me on this.

    Yummy fresh whole wheat spinach pasta