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What’s cookin’, Pastarella? (part 3)

Jerk Chicken Frittatta – DH loved this. He has already requested I make this often. 🙂

Jerk Chicken Frittata

Detail shot of the pasta, chicken, prosciutto and egg mixture with its lovely golden cheese top.

Jerk Chicken Frittata - Detail

Tiramisu. Delicious, decadent and way too fattening for us, but what the hell, right? 😀


A fuzzy detail show of the lady fingers and cream layers with cocoa topping. Brilliant dessert!

Tiramisu - Detail

[ Flickr photo link for more recipe details ]

Good Friday Frittata

I don’t know what all of you are up to on your long weekend, but today I’m planning to make waffles for breakfast, frittata for dinner and some spinach pasta in between today. It’s all about creative today! DH’s got some presentation research to do, so he’ll be camped out in front of his ‘pooter, and that leaves me free to do my thing in the kitchen.

Here is a shot of the frittata I made last weekend that I want to remake. I liked it, but I didn’t love it. I want to love it. I want to use ingredients that will compel me to try to eat the whole dish in one sitting. I won’t, but that’s the feeling I’m after. That’s what any great dish of food should aspire to.