Chocolate Chip Ricotta Pie

Chocolate chip cheesecake, a.k.a Italian ricotta pie. It’s a favourite pastime of mine to make this ricotta pie. If you’re like me and you can’t stand the chalky taste of cream cheese cheesecakes, ricotta pie recipes are for you. I made this recipe a few months back and forgot to add the cream cheese. I didn’t realise my mistake till it was done baking, so I was nervous when I served it up at the in-laws. Much to my surprise, not only did it turn out really well, the texture was silky smooth and no one missed the taste of cream cheese!

choco chip ricotta pie

The secret to this particular presentation is a chocolate readymade pie crust and adding two small handfuls of chocolate chips on top just before you slip it in the oven. The middle is the plain vanilla ricotta filling. Should be delicious.

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