Stuffed Veggie Delight

Catered Grub

This is why I loved working in the food industry — leftovers from a catering gig. I got to take all the fabulous veggies I can fit into a takeout container and call that dinner at the end of each one I work. Yum!

Here we have a stack of widely cut veggies that include eggplant, three pepper colours, zucchini and portabello mushroom – all pre-soaked in balsamic and extra virgin olive oil and then baked in rich tomato sauce, some delicious asparagus stalks drizzled with unknown ingredients and steamed to perfection. One of two stuffed tomatoes (I ate the other before I thought of taking a photo – please forgive!) that was hollowed out and stuffed using the guts mixed with all kinds of yummy goodness before being baked to the perfect softness to dig into with a fork without the risk of it falling apart.… This was the best dinner! I got full after a bit of it so I have some leftovers from the leftovers for lunch tomorrow. Yee-haw!

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  1. stacey Post author

    There is one person at work we call Hoover. He ate the last three 2.5″ x 5″ bacon wrapped fillet mignons left from the dinner before the wait staff started clearing the tables (they were pissed let me tell you!) and when the last two desserts were given to the bartenders, Hoover had the nerve to pitch a fit. I told him to shut the fuck up because he was already too fat and was supposed to be watching his cholesterol. My boss thanked me for putting him in his place.


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