Personal Veggy Lasagnas

Personal Vegetable Lasagnas

Personal Vegetable Lasagnas

(From the archives)

Years ago, Adam from BlogHungry posted his recipe for Personal Vegetable Lasagnas and I fell in love with the idea and his recipe. This is my interpretation of it. My husband liked the idea but he hated the execution because (shocker) it was meatless. (Right?) Anyway… I loved it. Make it. Tell me, and Adam, what you think of his creation.

One thought on “Personal Veggy Lasagnas

  1. RebeccaJ

    That is a VERY smart idea baking them in little pans! I never thought of that. Plus if you like yours one way, it wouldn’t be too much fuss to make someone else’s different. We all like spinach lasagne, and also meat, so I usually make mine in one huge pan, but that summer squash looked delish!

    Speaking of squash, I had a dessert in a tv dinner that was so good…it was apples, cranberries and butternut squash chunks. You couldn’t even tell it WAS squash. Wish I knew what the liquid part of the recipe was. I know it had to be something orange. It was extra good heated.


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